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April 6, 2010 deals with twitterer’s commenting on what are the trends going on the Twitter website. What people are posting and how many people react to the posting giving their feedback on the topics. This in an example of the top 100 Twitter Trends.

What the Trend: Twitter Trends February 26 – March 4, 2010

Top 100 Trends

Week In Review

The past week saw a majority of discussion around the Chilean earthquake. Alone, the earthquake accounted for 34 unique trends out of a total of 593 trends total for the week. In addition, there were a number of SPAM trends that broke the top 10 topics, and in aggregate, SPAM was #11 on the overall non-hashtag chart. Twitter has spent some time trying to battle these SPAM trends in the past, blacklisting as soon as they appear. It may be that the spammers have become more sophisticated and Twitter will need to update their algorithms to better combat these attacks.Chile vs. Haiti

The Haitian and Chilean earthquake trends are recent examples of the use of Twitter’s immediate response mechanism for natural disasters. However, given the Twitter community’s fickle attention span, a subject not being discussed constantly quickly falls out of the limelight. As an example, while Haiti dominated Twitter for approximately two week’s time, it has since fallen greatly in the standings despite the fact that relief efforts are still very much underway. Expectation is that without new social media pushes on the part of Chilean humanitarian groups and spokespeople, Chile will too quickly fall out of the statusphere.


While the Olympics officially ended on Sunday, three days into the data for this chart, there was still a good amount of Olympics-related chatter, mostly due to the men’s and women’s gold medal hockey games between Canada and the United States.

In the NBA, the Lakers and the Miami Heat were the most tweeted about teams this week. Other sports that trended were Football in Europe,


Trends by Category


News 7% 7%


Other 10%


Entertainment 35%


Sports Meme 12%


Alice in Wonderland. Opening on Friday, the movie did reasonably well in trends, with a #26 showing overall this week. It will be interesting to see if it follows the example set by Avatar, which continued to trend highly weeks after the release. It is likely that there is some correlation between the longevity of a trend on Twitter and

Twitter Business Results in Cable News Networks

April 6, 2010

Twitter Business Results in Cable News Networks

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